About Me

Hi. My name is Julie. I have suffered from anxiety, mild depression, low self-esteem and periods of burn out all of my life, until I went on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I was confused as I had a nice family, home, a job and friends. Why was my self-esteem so low? Why did I have so many irrational fears? Why was I frustrated and discontent?

I was eager to find out the answers, so began studying Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, spiritual laws, Reiki, crystal healing, Law of Attraction and many other modalities.
I read many books and attended many courses where I discovered my biochemistry and understood how my constant anxiety had created changes in my body that were giving me unpleasant symptoms.

It’s at this point that I made a commitment to heal myself.

I discovered frequency devices and how they could be used to accurately tell me what was happening in my body/mind energy system. By sending me frequencies, this could support my system. making it stronger.

I realised I was like a robot. I didn’t really know what I was truly thinking, let alone feeling. I just followed rules and traditions without questioning anything, but this wasn’t who I truly was and I wasn’t truly living.

Slowly, I began to understand myself, my unhelpful beliefs, perceptions, emotional overreactions, my triggers and where they originated. As I did so, I became conscious. I began to understand anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and the havoc it can create within your body. I now knew I could change this as I had the tools and the knowledge to allow me to do so.

My learning journey helped me to heal my mind, body and soul and now I can help you do the same.